Now that you have a kick-ass site, you’ll need someone to write all about you and your business. My background in journalism makes me a direct communicator and a sharp writer. I will work with you to get your brand’s message across to customers. Whether you need help crafting a killer “about” page or writing product descriptions that will make customers hit “add to cart,” I can write it for you.


Now that your website has all of the static content in place, you may want to incorporate a blog to give your audience fresh information that establishes your expertise in your field. Whether you’re just looking to learn how to update your writing to be blog-friendly, or need someone to write weekly blog posts for you, I am here to help. I have written about food, fashion, culture, news and more for newspapers and blogs. I am a chameleon when it comes to adapting my writing to mimic your brand’s voice.

Photography and graphic design

You have killer written content on your site, but do you have compelling images? Photos and graphics will draw visitors to your website in and make them stick around longer. The longer they stick around, the more likely they’ll be to convert (buy your book, visit your restaurant, sign up for your class, etc.). Stock images no longer make the cut. Your visitors want to see personal images, and not actors posing around a conference table.

I have been taking photos with a DSLR over the past decade and have curated a photo library of 100,000+ high-quality images. If nothing in my existing library suits your needs, I can take the custom images you need for your site. Whether your office needs staff photos or your restaurant needs photos of its food offerings for the online menu, I can provide you with the images you need.

In addition to photographs, you may be looking for a new logo or visual identity for your business. I can create graphics and branding kits that will revamp your business. I can take what I create for your website and apply it to traditional marketing tools: business cards, fliers, posters, signs and more.


Videos are the fastest-growing marketing medium. Videos allow you to show off your business in ways that photos and text cannot. I have produced videos for prestigious organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution and Federal Reserve Board of Governors. I can create compelling videos that will bring visitors to your website and/or brick and mortar location and turn them into customers.


Iconic brands’ personalities can be instantly recognized through something as simple as a logo. Is your brand’s message properly conveyed through your website and marketing materials? I can work with you to make sure your brand has a unified message, voice and visual identity.

Do you have the tools your business needs to show off your products and services? Get in touch and we’ll discuss the best package for your business’ needs.


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